About me

Hi everybody ! Welcome to my website, the first blog about Reunion Island written in French AND in English !

Considering the growing number of foreign tourists visiting Reunion Island, I thought that some information about this incredible place could be useful for you, English, Chinese, Italian, American or Spanish friends (and everyone around the world).

For those who don’t know it, Reunion Island is a hidden paradise lost in the Indian Ocean, near Mauritius and Madagascar. The island can be compared to Hawaii with its awesome natural landscapes. Here you’ll find beautiful beaches, amazing mountains where you can hike, and one of the most active volcano in the world.

I’m happy to see more and more people coming from different parts of the world in the streets. With its amazing and various landscapes, Reunion Island aims to attract more foreign tourists and has opened new commercial airlines to link the island to cities such as Johannesburg, Guangzhou or Chennai.

I’m 31 years old, happy mum of a baby girl, half from Bordeaux (France), half from Reunion Island and based in Saint-Gilles-les-bains. I’d like to share with you the beauty of this little volcanic paradise lost in the Indian ocean.

In this blog you’ll find : beautiful landscapes pictures, museums, hikes, good addresses and more !

Enjoy your trip !


That’s me !